Friday, 11 September 2015

In my spare time

Happy 2017

Under the sea
   Tribute to the Australian aboriginal art.


   Build in 3DSMAX by 584 individual photo-metric lights.


   I was fishing from my memory bucket yesterday and my catch was a saturated as well abstracted image from early nineties. Times when we ware socialized inside coffee shops and having adventure over a glowing, sixteen color monitors.
   Build in 3DSMAX by 4.032 individual photo-metric lights.

Natural order / Natural pattern

   We can’t always see the pattern but in reality there is always some kind of order.




   Once upon a time there was 3. And during a very beautiful day, 3 went for a walk around the city and met another 3. Very soon the 3s started to hang around together. But, when they were together, the result turned 6. One evening they were sitting on the bed and they were watching a movie. Suddenly the first 3 turned around and looked at the other 3. The first 3 got excited and decided that it wanted to kiss the other 3. They looked each other in the eyes and kissed smiling. Since then they are inseparable and now, every time they are together, they don't sum up 6, but 8 because love and affection together, makes us even stronger!


What if Roy worked on illustrator...

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