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Residense in Promiri - Pelion

Promiri village - center square
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Kontova’s residence is located in central square of Promiri settlement in municipality of South Pelion.
It is a 82.37m2 residence. A challenge which is point-by-point enriched with meretricious smart moves that taking advantage of the space and it’s surroundings. In the binding rules of traditional architecture and in demand for maximum land exploitation, functionality and aesthetics the building is completely harmonized with the environment, bio-climatic and the traditional architecture of the settlement.
In composition many problems were solved. The irregular shape of plot and its relation to the points of view, the orientation, the intense differences in altitude, the tiny plot, the owner’s demands and restrictive legislation which rules traditional villages of mount Pelion they highlighted the work in a challenge which was completed with total success.
The living room is placed in the south side of the building in order to have visual sight to the square and the “artificially” created balcony. In order to normalize the altitude differences, a basement was constructed where its plate which is placed in altitude ±0.00 is converted to a balcony which is prohibited otherwise in this area. The bedroom is in the north part of the apartment, slightly under the level ±0.00 and surrounded from other buildings to be protected from weather conditions and indiscreet eyes.
Using the most contemporary technologies of insulation, even in mid winter it is not necessary to use energy for its heating or cooling in summer. With the help of these techniques, the building becomes extremely economical in its function and by extension bio-climatic.
The contemporary architecture borrows traditional life symbolisms and the importance of timeless existence leaving to the owners a sweet taste and the desire to spend more time in it.

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