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Construction of a cable car system on Pelion (Volos Station)

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    The ancient gods chose this land, in the east side of the hinterland, to conduct wedding ceremonies and festive celebrations. From the city of Volos, tourists can travel to the southeast of mount Pilio, where small villages such as Milies, Tsagarada and Vizitsa are debouching as if they are climbing up to the mountain. The stony side streets, the decorated walls and the narrow windows of houses are reflecting the local traditional architecture. Byzantine churches expose unique murals. Charming sandy coasts extend beyond Pagasitikos gulf and at the base of the mountain the Aegean Sea. Additionally, Mediterranean climate favors the visit to this pictures land throughout the year.
    The departure of cable car system and subject of study starts from the area of Goritsa. An area which facilitates and serves our purposes. This area has direct access to the ring road, the plot has no other buildings and so the expropriation has less cost and it is easier while it allows unobtrusively the way to Portaria due to lack of buildings and high trees. In fact, the station of Volos is a park, a recreation area which serves many purposes. A comfortable area is provided for cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles, taxi and also a city bus station. The park’s building structures are restaurants, café bars, engine room, boarding and landing area for the public as well as loading and unloading merchandise area.
     The ten person capacity wagons are inspired from Orca. Its design gives passenger the opportunity to get up and enjoy panoramic the environment. Aerodynamic design offers a steady scrolling while the wind is transformed into a vertical load, not into a lateral one. It gives the ability for less structure for its stabilization and as a result, it is lighter and costless in its function.  The innovative (leaf) shelter prevents a large proportion of sun from entering to the wagon while it maintains it cooler. Photo-voltaic panels gather solar energy in order to be used later mechanically  for cooling or heating, depending the circumstances. Luggage space is kind of passenger aircraft but also luggage can be stored under the seat. Ski's are placed in a specially shaped place. For the construction of translucent hull will be used thermoplastic technique within a mold.
     The general composition thinking is based on the fact that Pilion has less connection to the sea, it’s an agricultural region. In two words I would describe it as a “productive land”. The sea part can easily be understood. The subject which requires an explanation is the persistence many times with the worm. Without worms it can be no vegetation, firstly because they feed with dead flora’s and fauna’s derivative, and secondly they plow the ground. For this reason they own honorable position in synthesis.
     Boarding and landing stations have double inspiration, firstly from the ship and after that from the shell. This thing is related to the visitor’s traffic. On the one hand, there is the journey you have to make and on the other hand protection which is provided by the agency. In technical part, I considered thoroughly bio-climatic. Greenhouse effect is pleasant with winter’s cold but very unpleasant in summer. To face that the two layers are departed from each other and a cloudless space is been created. The café’s as well as restaurant’s shell was inspired from the worm. Semi-cylindrical form which is free moving into the area. Translucent as to its viewing spots, Pilion-park and opaque in layer in which the sun has larger intensity. The impervious layers are photovoltaic cells so that the operation cost could be further decreased. The metallic skeleton who is upholding the construction, is triangular’s segmentation because, as it turned out in Gotthard Road Tunnel in Switzerland, it can manages larger cargos.
     Inside this intensely competitive field, the tourism sector of Magnesia has no opponent in the district. It is obvious then that the correlation of all district’s parameters make every work effort hopeful and exploitable which refers to this sector, such as cable car system, which is ecological, independent and it can be independently materialized.
     With respect to the environment, to people, to life, Pilion is alive again, a first choice exploration and visit place.

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