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Apartment in Komotini

G. Mameli 6 in Komotini

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The architect and designer Constantine Adamos created a Pop art residence, full of color and clean lines. He took a usual, old residence and converted it into an exhibition’s level work of art full of colorful furniture, bright colors and an aesthetic which brings you back in the happy times. Certainly, it is not a common pompous work but a unique work of art which wants to appear without shouting and to entertain owner’s mood without becoming tiresome.
The living room impresses from the first sight. By Entering in the apartment the first thing you observe is the shelves which are formed from the word COLOR, also the red surface which is hide the air condition and next to that is the purple couch. The floor is paved with tiles in concrete color and breathtaking fuchsia joint. The walls are satin white and the roof is glossy white in order for the light to flow inside the room, reinforcing the owner’s euphoria. The space is wide. The living room and the kitchen coexist gaining distance for the projector emitting in a screen 100in wide. Intense furniture colorations with the colorful wallpaper as a background, gentle kitchen lines.
In the private areas there is a similar approach, functionality, practicality, innovation and materials which distinguish. In the toilet dominant materials are metal (etalbond) and glass. Everything is placed parametrically from the central aisle taking advantage of every centimeter and “canceling“ the pillar. The bedroom and the cloakroom are separated from the living room and the kitchen with an oversize sliding door with 2,80m height and 1,65m width. Behind the door is a small aisle with the wardrobe for coats, shoes, bags and objects that are needed when you are leaving the apartment. The bedroom is on the left side. It is an area of relaxation, a special interest room. The bed and almost every object in the apartment is specially designed for this apartment. They are handmade with supervision and frequent participation of the architect in the manufacturing process.
The bed in terms of inspiration is Japanese, low without molding is brought to the pop culture, glossy with clean deep color and in its base there is established a colorful (rgb) led tape, which transforms the room at will. We made large effort in order the cables to be invisible. For this reason was created a construction from etalbond which in the same time support the television and casual clothing’s hooks. The closet in the upper level is connected with the closet on the other side and it creates a spacious and bright loft to stock carpets and large objects.
As you could see in the photos, the initial color desire and pop aesthetics remained loyal until the  completion. Every room has a character which belongs to it, with intense color splashes, cohesion, timeless and smart exploitation of spaces. It is impressive how many things could be fitted in an area of 53,61m2. The apartment is more than comfortable and spacious for two adults. The owners dared to accept the challenge and let me to offer them a contemporary, addictively and completely unique lifestyle. 

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