Friday, 11 September 2015

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Constantine Adamos

It would be useful but also legitimate to make the start by setting the qualifications someone has to have to become an architect.
What I consider as primary is to feel the “three-dimensional” space. From the first thought until it is integrated into your soul. I believe that this is the first step in human’s mind who desires to be an architect. The second feature is to be able to touch the individual parts and observe the particularity, whether it is called building materials and its natural structure, either techniques or even the means of representation. The third and the most important feature is the “WHOLE”, which differentiates the conditions, is what I prefer to call “insight”.
All these combined with the sensibility, talent, charisma or if you wish the creator’s spirit. Certainly, that depends on who is your client and which are the views and needs of the directly interested person. Briefly, the visions and the way of another person’s thinking, the architect is called to perceive them and denature into a space in which will house the current lifestyle.
Studies – building construction – interior renovation formation decoration are transacted in my architectural company. The target is the creation of high aesthetic areas with contemporary, advanced technology and bio-climatic interest. High quality works are always provided to the customer with loyalty.
        Constantine Adamos have a master degree from the University of Thessaly from 2008 in architecture engineering. Since then he maintains an architectural company, mainly engaged with private projects, having until today studied and supervised several clients.
Company’s target is to surpass all expectations either if it is an urban construction, a commercial building, a residence, an addendum or a renovation.  This goal can be achieved by staying loyal to quality, understanding, research, study, imagination, design and materials. The result of all these is outstanding architectural creations and very satisfied customers.

Constantine Adamos
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